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Our team at Al-Ehsan Charitable Foundation (Nepal) are dedicated to work for the well being of the needy orphan children, providing aid to the poor during natural disasters and developing infrastructure for clean drinking water in remote areas.






Helped People




Food package Distribution in poor family in Ramzan.



Raise Fund To Construct Water Supply System

Al-Ehsan Charitable Foundation (Nepal) reach out to remote locations where there is scarcity of water and we collectively construct a water supply system by digging bore-wells and build whole infrastructure and facility to provide clean drinking water.




Sponsored by Al Ehsan Charitable Foundation (Nepal)


Education For The Children

Al-Ehsan Charitable Foundation (Nepal) strongly believes in working towards encouraging children to be independent by acquiring proper education and building their skills. In this regard, one of our goal is to raise funds so that we can provide education to the orphan children and support them financially so that they do not have to work at an age when they should be in classrooms.
Al Ehsan Charitable Foundation provide education, hostel, food, and all educational equipment, for orphan students for free.
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